Our work in prisons


(Image courtesy of the Koestler Trust)

The Prisons programme is a flexible programme of events which can be held over a one or two week period.

The programme is comprised of four elements:

  • The prison hosts the exhibition Anne Frank: A History for Today, which incorporates sections designed for use in prisons and young offenders institutions. The exhibition explores Anne’s story and the history of the Holocaust, and links it contemporary themes such as racism, prejudice and stereotyping.
  • A group of prisoners are trained as peer educators and they go on to present the exhibition to other prisoners.
  • We deliver workshops to enhance knowledge of the Holocaust and related subjects. This includes a creative writing and self-exploration workshop and an interactive debate on Human rights issues.
  • We will also arrange for a Holocaust survivor to give a talk at the prison, which includes a Q&A session.

Since 2002, we have delivered over 100 projects to over 70 prisons in the UK, including:

Prison Project
  • HMP Brixton
  • HMP Durham
  • HMP Feltham
  • HMP Latchmere House
  • HMP Parkhurst
  • HMP Winchester
  • HMP Wormwood Scrubs

What prisoners say

 “I have been in prison for the last five years and have never seen anything like this event in all that time. This is really good!”

Lee, exhibition peer guide at HMP Woodhill

 “I wish to try and spread the information to others and teach people who know very little about the Holocaust. Everybody should be made aware of this tragic event because it will decrease the risk of similar events happening.

Lemar, exhibition peer guide at Oakhill Secure Training Centre

What prison staff say

 “The exhibition was well presented and the guidance and help from the Anne Frank Trust was excellent – I would have no qualms in recommending the exhibition to other prisons. It is still being talked about here!”

Marina Brain, Chaplain Governor of HMP Highdown

“I look forward to our continued working partnership publicising and explaining the life and experiences of Anne Frank and her family.”

Mike Conway, Director HMP Peterborough 


Contact us about
the prisons project

Steve Gadd
0207 284 5858



“Reading Anne Frank’s Diary has changed me. It has made me realise how much things have changed since WW2 and it tells me that life can always improve and get better”.

Jonathan Wilson, prisoner and guide at HMYO1 Castington


"Being a guide for the Anne Frank exhibition really opened my eyes. It was the best experience I had during my whole sentence."

Prisoner, HMP Latchmere House