Award winning author and former British Children's Laureate,  Michael Rosen is famous for using poetry to introduce children to important topics. His work includes books such as We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and The Missing: The True Story of My Family in World War II, which traces members of his family who died in the Holocaust.

We are honoured to share Michael Rosen's new, specially commissioned poem about Anne Frank. The sonnet reflects on Anne Frank's hope and spirit which is expressed so powerfully in the words of her diary, and the knowledge we have of her fate at the hands of the Nazis.

“I’ve got an unresolved dilemma in the poem, which is that in the diary you’re reading a person who is so alive and so full of hope and life’s details and problems from a teenager’s point of view, but it’s almost impossible to read it without thinking of her terrible fate."

Watch Ambassadors from Oaks Park High, Ilford read this wonderful new poem 

Sonnet for Anne Frank by Michael Rosen

You compressed so much life into that loft
which we pore over and love you for it
yet the real world – not the one you imagined –
didn’t allow you to live and write any more.
Each time we read, we struggle to enjoy
your love of life while knowing how it ended.

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