Learning from Anne Frank and the Holocaust, we empower young people aged 9 to 15 to challenge all forms of prejudice

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Our new film sharing the work we do and why it's so important. Featuring the brilliant young people we work with across the UK and our wonderful Anne Frank Workers 

Her Majesty The Queen becomes Patron of the Anne Frank Trust UK

Ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day 2024, on Saturday 27th January, we are deeply honoured to announce that Her Majesty The Queen has become the first Royal Patron of the Anne Frank Trust UK.


Author: Judy Silkoff

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Author: Yasmin Rahman

Our impact

119,311 young people engaged with our programmes in 2023
87.6% of our young people in our schools programme become more positive towards people who are Black, Christian, disabled, female, Gypsy Roma Traveller, Jewish, LGBTQ, male, Muslim, old, refugee or white.

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We're changing attitudes

  • I'm now able to challenge prejudice and discrimination when I am confronted with it. I always try to help others who don't understand, and I challenge those who do not understand and still spread hatred.

    Anne Frank Ambassador
    Windlestone School, County Durham

  • Becoming a peer guide has made me think a lot about how you shouldn't just judge someone because of their ethnicity, race or religion. Just because you are different doesn't mean you shouldn't be treated justly and fairly.

    Anne Frank Ambassador
    Bow School, Tower Hamlets

  • Anne Frank has inspired me to stand up for people. Say if we go back a year or two, if someone was being abused or someone was being called out I'd have left it alone or walked away, but now I would stand up for that person.

    Dennis, Anne Frank Ambassador
    Kingsford Community School, London

  • Learning about Anne Frank has made me a lot more open-minded... in that I'm willing to meet new people maybe outside of my culture, my race.

    Anne Frank Ambassador
    Lealands High School, Luton