Everyone is unique, on the inside and out,
But if you’re targeted every day, then you might start to have doubts.
So why are people racist, when everyone deserves a chance?
No freedom till we’re equal, and for that we’ll take a stance.

It takes one horrible word for someone’s heart to shatter,
So we will fight until there is justice, because black lives matter.

Imagine being scared because of the colour of your skin.
This will not go on any longer, racism won’t win.
We will protest together, till black people have their rights,
From dusk till dawn, through the days and the nights.

It takes one horrible word for someone’s heart to shatter,
So no stopping until our voices are heard, because black lives matter.

We know we will never know how it feels, but we will fight for you too,
Anti-racism is what we want, non-racist won’t do.
Every generation has tried to make segregation stop,
But we are gonna put this to an end, our hard work cannot flop.

Why are we fighting this battle? Why does racism have to exist?
The years of justice and equality, our earth has missed.
But there is no stopping now, our job isn’t done,
We will continue until there is peace, and rights for everyone.
You don’t get everything handed to you on a silver platter,
But one thing is for sure, black lives do matter.

By AIMEE, 12

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