Celebrating the 75th Anniversary
of the publication of Anne Frank's Diary

Tuesday 21 June
The Royal Society of Arts

Guest speaker: Actor and writer Sarah Solemani

Our Drinks Reception to celebrate 75 years of Anne Frank's diary was a wonderful event, imbuing our guests with hope, inspired by the enduring legacy of Anne Frank's Diary.

We were delighted to hear from Guest Speaker Sarah Solemani who delivered an incredibly powerful and inspiring speech.

"We are here as evidence that the hope that we generate adds to the world far beyond our material life. However trapped, and small, and insignificant, and meaningless, and pointless, it all sometimes feels - the hope we generate in our lifetime matters" - Sarah Solemani

Sarah's full speech is available to watch below. We highly recommend you take the time to listen as Sarah truly captures Anne Frank and her legacy of hope.

Young Ambassadors from Oaks Park High School, Ilford and Swanlea School, Whitechapel also attended. Sharing a special presentation, they guided our guests through a history of Anne Frank's diary from its first publication to their own involvement with our work. Sharing personal reflections the Young Ambassadors were wonderfully confident in their delivery.

 "The diary means a lot to me because as another 14 year old I'm fascinated about how Anne writes about the world, and her thoughts and beliefs" - Ambassador, Oaks Park High School

With messages from John Goldsmith from the Anne Frank Fonds, and Francesca Dow from Penguin Random House, our event brought home just how vital and relevant Anne's Diary remains 75 years after first being published.

Click here to watch a recording of the full event