There’s lots of creative ways to raise funds for the Anne Frank Trust, be it in a group or on your own, in the office or at home, whether you like sporting activities, dancing, baking, singing or unique challenges! There’ll be something for everyone.

If you need some inspiration or information on how to get started, please email [email protected] otherwise here are 5 easy steps to follow:

1. Choose your fundraising activity

Think of your idea or get in touch for inspiration!  Some ideas include:

  • Donations in lieu of birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts
  • Create a social event like a wine tasting evening, dinner party or ball
  • Fundraise with your school or university or organisation
  • Set up a virtual event such a gaming night or quiz night
  • Fundraise with your club or group
  • Challenge yourself with a sponsored run, cycle, walk, swim or head shave!
  • Break a world record!

2. Let us know all about your plans

Get in touch with our fundraising team so we can help you with your plans and ideas on how to raise money.

3. Promote your fundraiser

Don’t forget to promote your fundraiser, the more people know about it the more donations you will raise! Tell friends, family members, work colleagues, send emails and don’t forget to update your social media.

4. Pay your money in

Maybe you have set up an online fundraising page like JustGiving which means the money will automatically be sent to the Anne Frank Trust. You may have also collected monies in other ways, our team can advise you the best way to pay this in.

5. Congratulate yourself!

Give yourself a round of applause, your efforts have helped make it possible for the Anne Frank Trust to challenge prejudice and discrimination.

Through your fantastic efforts, the money you raise will really make a difference.

Managed to get the whole family involved from reading to exercising to keepy uppies! Great idea and always happy to support the Anne Frank Trust. 

A family taking part in the The 2.6 Challenge