So What?
So what I have darker skin than you
So what I have white skin, does that affect anything I do?
You say, “Go back home!”
But I have lived here all of my life, so where do you expect me to go?

So what I have a disability
So what I think different to you
My mental health and physical health are far from good
But your hate does not help this, I don’t know what to do

So what I’m gay, bi, trans or straight
If I wish to love a boy, or girl that’s my choice
Don’t spread the hate
It does not hurt you, so don’t hurt me

So what if I’m old, yes it’s true
But young people age and will become elderly too
So what if I’m young
Is it wrong?

So what if I’m a lady
So what if I’m a man
It is the modern age
We should see that together we must stand

Prejudice comes in many shapes and sizes
Everybody lives in this world, we have one
So we should stand together. Everyone!
Lets combat hate before it consumes us entirely
“So what should I do?” You ask
“So what if it doesn’t affect me?”
The answer is to take a stand
To set all people free

Hate is a noose
Prejudice a rope
Don’t be the executioner
Be the one who gives hope