Thank you for joining us in person and online yesterday at our Annual Lunch to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2023. 

We are especially grateful to The Santon Group and The Sandhu Charitable Foundation for hosting our event, and pladis Global, who joined us once again as corporate sponsor of the Lunch. We are also grateful to our Founder, Daphne Schild.

If you missed our event or want to watch again, you can see a full recording through the link below. You will need to enter a name and email address to watch, but the recording is free to view online.

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Our Annual Lunch 2023

We were delighted to welcome David Baddiel as our guest this year. Comedian and author of Jews Don't Count, David was in conversation with out host Jo Coburn. He spoke about the importance of recognising and standing against antisemitism, as well as highlighting the importance of allyship and education in tackling hate. 


"I'm pleased that the conversation that started around the book (Jews Don't Count) has broken out to be not just Jewish people talking to each other...I've seen people who had never really thought about antisemitism talk to me about it and one man who described himself as a progressive...he said, he read my book, and he now understands antisemitism as the racism that slips past you"

Our host, BBC presenter Jo Coburn, was as wonderful as ever, and our candle-lighters Annabel Schild, Mala Tribich MBE, Rahima Mahmut and Rabbi Rafi Goodwin, led us in an extremely moving ceremony of remembrance, sharing their own personal stories of survival from the Holocaust and other genocides and hate crimes.

Dearest Anne
From the Holocaust you speak and still you inspire us,
So in the face of prejudice no power can quiet us
Dearest Anne your dedication reminds us
ordinary people shine with extraordinary brightness

We hope you felt inspired by “Dearest Anne”, a powerful spoken word performance written and performed by our young people from Summerswood Primary school, Bill Quay Primary school and Starbank school, sharing how Anne Frank inspires them to challenge prejudice. Available to watch here and on our social media channels.

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