"Now our Secret Annexe has truly become secret. Because so many houses are being searched for hidden bicycles, Mr Kugler thought it would be better to have a bookcase built in front of the entrance to our hiding place. It swings out on its hinges and opens like a door"

The Diary of Anne Frank, Friday 21 August 1942

An unreserved apology

We want to acknowledge, and apologise for, some serious failings with our approach to due diligence recently.

On 14 July we ran a 1-hour online workshop for 23 of our Anne Frank Ambassadors – young people who have completed our schools programme on Anne Frank, the Holocaust, antisemitism and all other forms of prejudice.

We engaged a freelance arts practitioner to lead the workshop, and it was subsequently brought to our attention that they had made antisemitic comments in the past. To understand how this happened, and to ensure it doesn’t happen again, we undertook a thorough internal investigation, and a summary of the findings can be found on our website.

Following on from this, the Jewish Chronicle published an article questioning the choice of some other speakers, facilitators and public figures that we have used in recent events and on social media. We also published our response to this article on our website.

We are truly sorry for any distress or offence caused and are committed to putting things right and learning from this experience.

Our Ambassadors' residential

Our Young Ambassadors have been in the Lake District for a week of workshops and creativity

At the start of August, Anne Frank Ambassadors from across England and Scotland joined together for a three-day trip to enhance their anti-prejudice learning. 

The 17 young people got to know each other, reflected on their role as ambassadors and explored how creative writing can be a powerful anti-prejudice tool. Together, they delved deeper into Anne Frank's life and diary and learnt about the history of The Windermere Children - 300 orphaned Jewish refugees who began new lives in England’s Lake District in the summer of 1945. They also took inspiration from the work of William and Dorothy Wordsworth and their focus on nature.

With special workshops delivered by author Tom Palmer and poet Katie Hale, as well as visits to the Lake District Holocaust Project exhibition and Dove Cottage (previous home of the Wordsworths), this was an inspiring trip and we are very proud of the passion and talent shown by the young people.

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Where is Anne Frank

New release: animated film exploring Anne Frank's story 

In this new film, Anne's imaginary friend Kitty (who she wrote her diary to) comes to life in modern day Amsterdam. 

In search of her best friend Anne Frank, Kitty becomes a witness to the Frank family’s last months in the Holocaust, and to Europe after the Second World War. 

Our young Ambassadors were lucky enough to see a special preview and have written some wonderful reflections on the film and what it meant to them. We will be sharing these on our social media channels.

Directed by BAFTA nominee Ari Folman, this new film is available in select cinemas from the 12 August 2022. 

Learn more

Anne Frank - After the Arrest

Anne Frank House releases second part of their video series, following Anne Frank after she is forced out of hiding

Luna Cruz Perez as Anne Frank. Copyright Anne Frank Stichting, photography Ray van der Bas.

Now available in English, Anne Frank - After the Arrest is the sequel to the Anne Frank video diary, which followed Anne's experiences in the Secret Annexe up until 4 August 1944, the day of the arrest. The second part, Anne Frank - After the Arrest, follows Anne’s life story after the period in hiding.

From an indeterminate time and place, Anne looks back on the events after the arrest – the last six months of her life in the concentration camps – telling of them in monologues.

Watch here

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