"We had a short circuit last night, and besides that, the guns were booming away until dawn. I still haven't got over my fear of planes and shooting, and I crawl into Father's bed nearly every night for comfort. I know it sounds childish, but wait till it happens to you!"

The Diary of Anne Frank, Wednesday 10 March 1943

A statement on the war in Ukraine

Here at the Anne Frank Trust we have been reflecting on the war in Ukraine. Our hope above all is that Mr Putin and his oligarchs will find in their hearts the true goodness that Anne Frank identifies – the goodness that is the essential basis for liberty and peace.

Please find our full statement on our website here 

- Tim Robertson, Chief Executive, The Anne Frank Trust UK

International Women's Day

Register today! We are celebrating International Women's Day with an online event for schools on Tuesday 8 March, 10-11am.

We are very pleased to welcome award-winning author Priscilla Mante, who's work includes books such as Jaz Santos vs. The World, and Amna Abdullatif, activist and campaigner who helped found a viral anti-racist campaign as one of the #TheThreeHijabischallenging the racist abuse experienced by Black England players after the Euro 2020 final.

This event will introduce young people to  International Women's Day and why it is important. Discussing how gender stereotypes and bias effect women and society as a whole, encouraging questions and discussion with those watching. #BreakTheBias

Share with your local schools or register today for this great event

World Book Day

Schools across the UK joined us for our World Book Day event on Friday 4 MarchWe were pleased to welcome Anne Frank Trust CEO, Tim Robertson to this special interactive online event for ages 10+, wonderfully hosted by Anne Frank Worker, James Chivesa.

Discussing the importance and relevance of Anne Frank's diary today, as well as how Eva Schloss' book, 'The Promise' can inspire us to stand against prejudice, this event celebrated the power of stories in creating a world free from hate.

Young people watching share their promises, inspired by Anne Frank and Eva Schloss:

"Always give people a fair chance and try not to prejudge"

"Respect people no matter who they are, look for the good in everyone"

"Encourage others to share their stories" "Build people's confidence and not make people feel self-conscious"

Safer Internet Day

On 8 February we marked Safer Internet day with an online event featuring Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-bullying Alliance 

There are lots of ways that we can enjoy using the internet; playing games, talking with friends and family, watching videos. But things can turn negative. When talking online we should always ask ourselves 'Is it kind? Is it necessary?'

Thank you to Martha Evans, Director of the Anti-bullying Alliance for joining us for our online event, sharing so much vital advice on how we can be safe online. Young people watching were able to ask questions and understand the difference between banter and bullying, how they can make sure to be kind online, and what to do if they or someone they know is being bullied. 

Link Schools Announcement 

We are pleased to announce our first 10 links schools!

Dedicated to challenging prejudice in their school communities and committed to working with us over the next 3 years, we are excited to expand our work with these 10 schools across the country.

As a link school, students will take part in our fully funded education programmes challenging all forms of prejudice, and school staff will benefit from our exclusive free online teacher training events.

Building our relationships and deepening our impact, this is the start of a large network of schools who are passionate about challenging prejudice.

Our work in schools

We've been delivering our anti-prejudice programmes up and down the UK, take a look at some highlights.

With workshops in Bolton, Glasgow, Blackburn, Birmingham, Blackpool and more, it's been another great month delivering our programmes to some brilliant young people.

We were also excited to put on a special workshop at Pleckgate High in Blackburn with poet Qudsia Akhtar. Students took part in our antisemitism workshop before writing a 50 word novel, expressing their learning and experiences through spoken word poetry.

Follow us on twitter to keep up to date with our work in schools 

London Marathon 2022 places available

Building a world free from prejudice, one step at at time. 

We are excited to announce that we have 4 spaces available for the London Marathon 2022, taking place on 2 October.

Three of these spaces are for the virtual marathon, allowing you to run the 26.2 miles wherever you are, in a 24 hour period. We also have 1 in-person space for you to take part in London on the day. 

If you are interested in running for us, we'd love to hear from you. We will be able to offer help and support as you get prepared and will be there on the day to cheer you on, in-person, or virtually!

Contact: [email protected]

Annual Lunch update

We are very pleased to share the final fundraising total from our Annual Lunch 2022


Thanks to your generosity we have raised £517,690.75 to go towards delivering our anti-prejudice education programmes!

We are so grateful for all the support shown for this special annual event and we were delighted to see so many of our supporters again in person and to be able to welcome over 100 guests online.

If you would like to be involved in organising our next Annual Lunch by joining our committee, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Save the date for our Annual Lunch next year, which will be on Thursday 19th January 2023. 

You can watch a recording of this year's event below, with HRH The Duchess of Cornwall and Dame Joanna Lumley.

Coming soon: Anne Frank Trust Gala

Join us for a special event to mark 75 years since the first publication of Anne Frank's Diary


First published in 1947, Anne's diary has sold 36 million copies in over 70 languages. It has generated plays, films, TV programmes, songs, symphonies, ballets, paintings, sculptures, exhibitions, cartoons, podcasts and apps. It has influenced leaders including JF Kennedy, Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama. 

But the Diary’s power can be seen above all in the programmes of anti-prejudice education it has inspired across the world, including the absolutely remarkable reach and impact of our work here in the UK. 

To celebrate, we are hosting a special event in June 2022, we will be sharing more details soon, and hope to see you there.

Get involved today by joining our Gala Committee - email [email protected]