Lockdown has created some great new opportunities for the way we deliver our programmes. Switching to online workshops and engaging students in a totally different way, the past year has made our laptops work hard! It's been a great experience for us and we are excited to make online learning a permanent part of our education programme.

Reaching schools to deliver our anti-prejudice workshops has remained our top priority along with ensuring that everyone keeps safe and well. This means that our Education Team have been going online, interacting with students and schools all across the UK delivering workshops to hundreds of brilliant young people. 

We are glad to report that this change in the way we deliver our programme has been met with success and we have received some great feedback from teachers who have taken part in our work. This positive response means that we are permanently going to include online resources and tools for learning as a new branch to our programme! 

Here are some of the responses we've had to our online learning sessions! 

Mr Sykes, Wainstalls Primary, Halifax

It exceeded my expectations. The children were not only 'told' but they were able to feel and express their opinions regularly. Constantly considering their story alongside Anne's

Ms. Fedtschyschak, Haslam Park Primary School, Bolton

The material was delivered respectfully and factually. The children were given time to understand and reflect on Anne Frank's experiences and how she was persecuted because of her religion, but also how this links to their lives and the world around them today

Miss Booth, The Hayes Primary School 

Children were able to talk about topical and current debates in a safe space. They explored how it might have felt for other and were able to put themselves in someone else's shoes for the day.

Mrs Jones, Copeland Road Primary School 

I felt the workshop was very informative and engaging. The children all enjoyed it too and were eager to find out more