Joining people across the country to mark Holocaust Memorial Day and remember the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust, our Ambassadors attended and spoke at several events in their communities.


Samantha at East Renfrewshire Holocaust Memorial Day event

Our Ambassador Samantha from Mearns Castle High School travelled to Calderwood Lodge Primary School for the Council’s first in person memorial event since 2020. Samantha delivered a very powerful speech at the proceedings, sharing her reflections on this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day theme of ‘Ordinary People”.

It has always been the Ordinary People on the side-lines, and frontlines working together to help others. So let us not be the ordinary people who stood by watching those who helped. Let us be the ordinary people who made a difference in a world that was trying to silence them. And never ever be the bystander to prejudice.

Samantha was also heard the personal stories of Holocaust survivors Henry Wuga MBE and Ingrid Wuga, told by their daughter Gillian Field. Learning about their first-hand experiences of the Kindertransport and understanding even more clearly the dangers of antisemitism.

Samantha shares her reflections

Speaking at the East Renfrewshire Holocaust Memorial Day event was a privilege and an honour. It was a day in my life I will remember and one that gave me many new opportunities. Before my speech I was nervous, speaking in front of an audience that size wasn’t something I had done before...but it was much easier than I had anticipated and almost freeing to voice what I had to say. Once my reading was over I had a feeling of pride that my hard work had paid off...  I recognised what an important event this was. Listening to the stories of the other speakers I was deeply moved by what they had to say.

Attended by Kirsten Oswald MP (Constituency MP for East Renfrewshire), Paul O'Kane MSP (West of Scotland MSP) and the Provost of East Renfrewshire, Mary Montague. As well as Rabbi Moshe Rubin, the most senior Rabbi in Scotland.


Lexie and James at the Scottish Parliament’s Holocaust Memorial Day events

Both from Mearns Castle High School, Lexie and James attended two events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day in the Scottish Parliament. During the day they spoke with many politicians in attendance including Nicola Sturgeon MSP (the First Minister of Scotland), Christina McKelvie MSP (Minister for Equalities and Older People), Douglas Ross MSP/MP (Leader of the Scottish Conservatives), Jackson Carlaw MSP (constituency MSP for Eastwood where their school is located) and Paul O'Kane MSP (who hosted the event). They were able to discuss why they thought Holocaust Memorial Day was so important and how their work with the Anne Frank Trust had helped them to understand antisemitism and feel confident in using their voice to challenge prejudice.

In the evening, both Lexie and James gave speeches on the theme of Ordinary People and the impact of our work at The Anne Frank Trust.

We can’t stand back and watch as many horrors unfold. The majority of people living in a murderous regime will often turn a blind eye and allow persecutors to continue although they do not directly assist said prosecutor they are not trying to help either. Bystanders in the Holocaust made no attempt to use their voices or make a stand for what was right out of fear that was inflicted upon them.

Even though I can't begin to understand the positions that people were put in or what decisions they had to face. In my role as an Anne Frank Ambassador and because of the awareness that the Anne Frank Trust has given me I would like to think that I would use my voice as I am using it now to make a difference - Lexie


Just because atrocities may happen in countries far away, we should never consider it a case of out of site out of mind. To learn from the past and to never allow future genocide we cannot be bystanders. No matter your race, religion, or gender we need to use our voice as one to support other ordinary people from hatred, persecution, and genocide. - James


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