A world free of prejudice, is what most want
Freedom to do what you like, without being judged.
A person named Anne Frank, just a little girl
Wrote a diary of her life, for others to know.
She had many quotes, and said a lot of things
One of which was it doesn’t hurt to give.
And with people reading this, we can do it together
Do something different and make it better.
With this one person, who changed the world
For past, for future, and even right now.
She had many tales to tell, while hiding from the wicked
Whether speaking to her imaginary friends or even herself
A young Jewish girl, in a time like that
Still happy and cheerful, that is a fact.
Her story, as dismal as it may be
Is what some people feel sets them free.
With her powerful words, and tender age
She showed who she was in every page
She showed she was just like any other girl.
But she had the confidence and courage to make a change.
She taught us that life is short and shouldn’t be taken for granted
And every one’s stories should be chanted.
So, we must do whatever we can
Have the courage and be like Anne.
To show this cruel world we can make the space
Showing people who stand out, they are not strange.
But are trying to make this world a better place.
Many people have tried over the years
To try and see what happens if we hear.
Hear our peers to steer our self to a better place.
With no fear that we will be judged instead to be cheered.
You see I said that people have tried because that’s all we have done
We’ve tried to improve upon the troubles we’ve begun.
But with people like Anne it’s just the start.
Just the start of this legacy
A legacy that will be remembered though history.



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