I cannot begin to imagine, how your life must have been  

When the world that you once trusted, could no longer be seen  

I wish life had been different Anne, you lived in terrible times  

A beast who ruled the land you loved, so famous for his crimes  


Such hatred was his downfall, which led to murder and treason  

Your story found such fame for you, but for quite a different reason.  

You were only 15 when you died, around the same age as me today  

You should have been hanging out with friends and been allowed to play  


Your dreams and opportunities, where stolen from you Anne  

Your right to live as a human being all taken by that man  

The family you once cherished, those who you held so dear  

You watched them perish in terrible ways, you watched them live in fear  


I’m so sorry for your losses Anne and this saddens me to say  

That hate and discrimination, is still happening today  

Religion, race and gender, do not justify these wars  

Ignorance and fear in humans are the very cause  


You would think that such atrocities would teach the world to see  

That love, respect, and equality is the kindest way to be. 

By INDIA, 14.

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