Recognise the resemblance between our palms, Ignore it at your peril.
Insipient fires can illuminate the dark:
People are good at heart.

Embrace those who appear poles apart,
Their distinct silhouettes not immune to torment. Growing fires may pollute our land,
A person’s character lies in their own hands.

Beware intolerance, the superior. Latent prejudice. Complacency leads to disrepair,
A destructive flame can ignite once hurled.
Seize your chance to improve the world.

Remember the divisions that spread like wildfire. The malevolent persecution they inflicted.
Their fires caused destruction and decay.
Our lives different and yet the same.

Breathe resistance. Fan the flames.
Know that courage doesn’t always roar.
Those silenced would want to echo the refrain: Beauty still remains.

By TILLY, 12

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