We’re in 2020 and I just learnt George Floyd died

We’re in 2020 and I just learnt 146 black people died

We’re in 2020 and I just learnt people haven’t changed since 1945

I’m not lying when I say it’s repeating again

We all know the truth but we’re hiding again

Yes, they’re protesting but that won’t stop them from doing it again

It’s like were on rewind

We’re writing the same story with the same lines

But it seems like everyone’s turning a blind eye

I thought we learnt our lesson from Anne Frank’s goodbye

It’s not all fairies and a friendly feline

They say “Racist violence has no place in society”

Then why do many people have fear turning into anxiety

People blaming others for their doing is just “appalling”

Then why is it that when it comes to you your just lying

This world is a cruel place all greedy and horrifying

Kindness, respect, equality

The things we need in this place

Anne Frank never gave up hope and neither should we

We can and we should stand together

Together we stand to this cruel place

Different and proud

By ALIZA, 10

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