We are deceived by a mask of serenity,
After all, it was politics who shot John F Kennedy
The deception of unity erodes away,
But there’s more prejudice every day.

Youth perceived as a threat,
Intoxicated with drugs and a cigarette
Drowning in silence among the swarm,
Prejudice is the new norm

Religion is a battlefield 24-7,
Causing national outrage like 9/11,
Sikhs and Catholics are victimized,
Whilst Muslims and Islam are kicked aside.

White lives obtaining anything on a platter,
Whilst teargas cause black lives to shatter,
People judge on the colour of skin,
Rather than what lies from within.

Women held under a glass ceiling
Expected to cook, clean and look appealing
Sexism rears its ugly head
Women paid less than men so it’s said

Anne and I alike in hope
Writing issues to help us cope
We watch the world from a distance
Seeing self-destruction
We are shortening our own existence.

By ALICE, 11

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