I’m Black,

Does that mean I should keep on carrying sacks down my back?

I’m White,

Does that mean all I see is nothing but money in my sight?

I’m Chinese,

Does that mean I’m accused for starting COVID‐19, the most deadly disease?

I’m Muslim,

Does that mean I am unsafe with my headscarf against islamophobia, which is injustice?

I’m Jewish like Anne Frank,

Does that mean my future will be the same as her, a young girl, a victim of the Holocaust, dreams that sank?

I’m disabled,

Does that mean that for all my years on Earth, I will be labelled weak and unabled?

I’m elderly,

Does that mean that ageists will never understand that I am well worthy?

I’m a person with a mental illness,

Does that mean my life will be on stillness?

And I’m a person with a physical disorder,

Does that mean that my body will never allow me to cross the border?

No one should suffer with prejudice and discrimination,

We must meet and come together in Earth, that location,

And overpower those who think they perfect,

Because we are all unique and get the disbelievers checked,

Instead, we should stop the hatred and become kind to each other,

And gentle to Mother Earth and respect each other like sister to brother.


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