I’m a 10-year old girl in 2020.
I have freedom, opportunity and live in a world of plenty!
Anne Frank too was a young girl in the 1940’s who had to hide away.
The world she knew, the friends she had, the life she had ahead, she
could only hope and pray.

I’m a 10-year old girl with a voice who wants to save the ocean,
I’ve quit palm oil, plastic straws and written to my MP to set the
wheels in motion.
Anne Frank didn’t have a voice because of her Jewish Origin,
Her family, her religion was somehow seen as a sin.
I’m a young girl who gets to play in the field,
Feel the sunshine on my face and with my family travel if I wish to
a new place.

Anne Frank had to live in a room behind a bookcase,
No sun, no fields, all because of her race.
My mum is of German Origin, my dad is Polish,
I’m in a time where we can love the people that we wish.
Anne and her family had no choice,
They had to stay undercover,
But the hope they had, meant they stayed strong for one another.

I’m a 10-year old girl,
Living through my first pandemic,
Where a virus has spread across the world,
People have died and are poorly and sick.
Anne lived through a time of war, hatred, fighting, little money
and so much more.

I’m a young girl living in Lockdown,
To help stop the virus spread,
My mum and dad have both been very ill in bed.
I can’t see my friends, swim or go to school,
But I am lucky I have a garden and I can cool off in my paddling pool.
Anne couldn’t do these things,
She was a girl who could only dream that one day there would be peace.
For years she had to be quiet, Not to be seen and hope for the release.

I’m a 10-year old girl writing my daily diary, my thoughts feelings
and new skills,
I can now make rhubarb crumble, scrambled eggs and help with family meals.
Anne too wrote a diary in a red and white cloth book,
If she only knew one day how many would take a look.
It was a diary of a young girl in war time,
Her origin was her only crime.

I’m a 10-year-old girl who is home schooling,
Joe Wicks, home sent lessons and my precise timetable,
Access to the internet makes me very able.
Anne homeschooled too, but no access to our world,
She taught herself what she could,
And built her knowledge on what she knew.

I’m a young girl in a pandemic, like the war when many got sick,
But the virus does not discriminate,
It’s not about religion or hate.
Anne and millions suffered because they were Jewish,
to some she didn’t count and many died,
Millions lost their families and cried.
The pandemic doesn’t care if we are Jewish or Christian,
It is a deadly virus with a mission.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor,
It will keep infecting more and more.
White or brown in any city or town.
Prime ministers, popstars, actors, healthy and weak,
finally, it has met its peak.
Anne was a young girl who lived in a time,
Where it mattered who you were, it was seen as a crime
Anne was taken,
She too caught a virus and became sick and shaken.

Anne was a young girl who left behind a legacy,
No one is better or more important than anyone else,
She was a young girl who was classed as different,
Her diary came to fame,
With one message ‘we are all the same’.

I’m a young girl who hopes the pandemic will pass and the world we
live in will be a better place.
Being kind to animals, helping each other, thankful for our freedom,
our generation growing in wisdom.
I’m a young girl who hopes to be a grownup who can help our world,
and live in a better time.
Anne was a young girl who wouldn’t get to live a life like mine.

I will always remember learning about Anne,
I will never forget, whenever I see the rich and fame,
We are still all very much the same.
I’m a young girl in 2020
I have freedom, opportunity and live in a world of plenty!


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