Blonde, blue-eyed and tall
Aryan, Hitler’s ideal master race
That must remain ‘pure’
So beware, you with the dark skin and eyes and hair
Where have we heard that before?

From every single person
Who’s ever made a snide comment
In every superior look
In every hate crime
In every partition
In every derogatory term
It’s there
Hitler’s message of hate

The peace treaty has been signed
But the war goes on
No longer against the man himself
But against everything he stood for
Instead of a little girl hidden in the annexe of a factory
There are little girls trapped in the annexe of lies they have been told
That they are not good enough because of how they look
That they do not belong
But they are there for the same reason
Because of who they are

The modern day bomb
Causing unfathomable destruction
And it’s so easy to find
The factories are everywhere
Hurting innocent people
Dropping incessantly
When will it end?

But we fought against him
Didn’t we?
We said that it’s wrong
To hurt people because of who they are
So why, then, 75 years later is the little girl still in the annexe?
Countless lives have been lost to a war
That we still haven’t ended once and for all

Make a change
Don’t let those lives have been lost in vain
Free the little girl from the annexe
Bring her out into the open
And let her live without fear
Allow her to be herself without persecution or prejudice
Tell her she’s perfect the way she is
And make a promise
To never let another little girl
Be trapped in an annexe
Ever again

By NEHA, 12

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