400 years of discrimination
And yet I’ve seen no change
How can I live in a ‘real’ world?
If our lives are like fiction books; plot twists on every page

I feel like this because of the actions
The actions of many and the few
The one’s who fight to save all from injustice And those who are trying to subdue

Research this title, and hear the cause ‘Minneapolis peaceful protest’
You’ll see first‐hand, why we raise our fists In the air, and humanity at its best

Anne Frank was a victim of prejudice Persecuted because of her beliefs
They took the many things she held dear Like a powerful, undefeated thief

This is one reason we stand for our friends Our family, yourself too
You may not even know a victim of this crime Yet their lives should matter to you.

Imagine living in a world where your skin Is like a walking target
Except, don’t imagine, it already happened To the countless names you’ve heard

Justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery too, Breonna Taylor, Shukri Abdi and hundreds more Hear their names, say their names, we will not stop Until their justice for all

We shall keep going until every guilty person is charged And those innocent free and released
The power of the people is strong together
No justice, no peace.

By TWYANA, 13.

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