Dear Anne,
I was bored today.
I couldn’t go out,
I couldn’t play.
Is this how you felt? Locked away, Unable to talk,
But lots to say.

Dear Anne,
There’s just nothing to do. There’s nothing new to keep me, Nor no-one new to talk to.
Is this how you felt?
Dull through and through,
With only a diary,
To chew the stale news.

Dear Anne,
There’s fear in the air.
Covid’s invisible,
Yet it spreads everywhere.
Is this how you felt?
Hoping to be spared.
But you know there’s danger, And you can’t help but be scared.

Dear Anne,
People are being killed,
For the crime of being different And having a strong will.
Is this how you felt?
Death camps filled.
Hunted for being Jewish, Everywhere, fear instilled.

Dear Anne,
Those with courage are shoved, And those who speak justice, Are pushed down from above. Is this how you felt?
With those you could trust. They started to look down,
They were becoming unjust.

Dear Anne,
Some still are living for good. They risk their lives to protect us, For a better livelihood.
Is this how you felt?
When your helpers stood,
By your side,
When no others would.

Dear Anne,
Why is it so hard?
They tell me to stay happy, While my life’s under guard. Is this how you felt?
Inside, crying and scarred. But on the outside,
Your picture can’t be marred.

Dear Anne,
It shouldn’t be wrong to be odd. Everyone’s different,
We were made so by God.
Is this how you felt?
Treated like sod.
For being a Jew

And taken to quod.

Dear Anne,
Thank You so much for teaching, The world the truth,
And for those who are reaching. You taught us, that
Being different is fine.
And your words will stay,
Until the end of time.


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