I came back to earth to see the world today.
I thought that everything would be okay.
No more abuse. No more hurting. No more injustice.
I took a glimpse from a far.
That was enough to tear me apart.
70 years ago I was killed because of my religion and appearance.
I thought that now people would love each other.
Turned out I was wrong:people are killing each other. Why? The same reason I was killed. I looked and believed something different.
I saw on a large poster the phrase Black Lives Matter. People were all chanting together.
I wanted to ask what had happened.
But no one could see me.
So I looked at a newspaper and I was truly saddened.
A black man named George Floyd was killed because of the way he looked.
This made me cry and I was truly shook.
Why people why are these innocent people being killed by figures that are supposed to protect them .
I wanted to join this protest so I marched along with them. Moments later, there was complete mayhem.
People were hurt. But they didn’t care.
They charged forward with these weapons I had never seen before.
I was in deep despair.

They were wearing the same thing the other murderer was wearing.
At a poor innocent male they were shouting and swearing. I heard a high pitched scream.

Oh the horror I had seen.
A small child was injured and was shouting for help. Everyone poured milk over her eyes. I just wish I could help. I didn’t want to see anything else.
Waterfalls were falling down my face.
This place was not safe.
I ran back to my home.
The horrors I had seen,
Made my insides scream.
This my message to you people on Earth:
70 years after my death, you people still discriminate against each other .
70 years after my death, I thought everyone would be treated the same.
70 years after my death, nothing has changed.


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