Hello, my name is Zivah. I live in the UK with my mum, dad, older brother, and younger sister. I have always been shorter than most people. At school I get teased for it a lot. I have moved from 3 different primary schools because of bullying. So, I now feel very strongly about this subject.

It is not fair that just because your skin colour is different or because you cannot see as well as others, that you get discriminated! Just because of any difference you have it does not give others any right to discriminate you. When I was in primary, I always got bullied because of the fact that I was short, and I had a lump above my eyebrow. Certain people would call me names such as “dwarf” or “lumpy”. My older brother’s time was even more difficult, he moved schools so many times throughout his life that I have lost count. He was bullied because of his nut allergy. At school they used to throw nuts at him on the school bus!

Me and my brother have felt the childish version of discrimination. And it must stop!!! There is no reason EVER to bully a child or discriminate someone. Just because they are different does not mean they can be labelled as black or white, dwarf or giant. Everyone is unique, different, and special. And my goal in life is to get that message across and to make sure everyone knows that. And I hope that if this wins more people than ever will be able to see, read and receive this message.

Thank you.

By ZIVAH, 12

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