KINDNESS. Just a little kindness is what I need now. Kindness to warm my heart. Kindness to cheer me up as I stare out hopelessly at the window wondering what tomorrow will bring. My heart drops as I hear the aching cries, the cries for freedom.

Imagine being afraid. Afraid of being who you are as an individual. The fear of death overwhelming you just to go outside because of something as personal as what you identify as. Well I guess you’d probably think “that’s a thing of the past” when actually it still very much happens today. There are many, who like Anne, fear their lives when stepping out. Anne grew up in Nazi Germany where she had to hid with some other Jews because the people in power wanted all Jews dead. Imagine how that must have felt. It must have been scary and boring being a teenager because all you want to do is go out and have care‐free fun with your mates but she couldn’t.

There are still many people that have to go through similar things; what they are going through might not be as bad as Anne’s situation but there are similar feelings. Like Anne, I’d wish that this sort of thing no longer had to happen but it does and it affect many people from different walks of live but I’m going to talk about one close to me‐ racism. People of the black community are suffering racism and from the people who are supposed to be protecting us (the police and even some people in power). There is also racism from our peers; a guy was just jogging down his road and was shot because two men thought he was running from the police.

And I’ve seen racism first hand. As a member of the black community, I’ve heard stories of people not getting a job because their black yet they were the smartest person in the interview but because of their skin colour, they didn’t get it. I’ve also been afraid at certain times around police knowing that my family and I have done nothing wrong but the fear of being stop and searched because of my skin colour is overwhelming, disgusting and painful. I have also had numerous conversations with my parents on how I should act around certain situations because I could be seen as a threat to people because of my skin. However, my parents are strong on me being just who I am and being the best of me (not just being identified as black).

I wish to be in a world where everyone can work and live side by side in harmony no matter what and I know it won’t just happen tomorrow at click of my fingers but everyday counts and I believe everyone should do their bit and together we can overcome it.

KINDNESS. Just a little kindness…

By ANITA, 11

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