“Ideals, dreams and cherished hopes rise within us, only to be crushed by grim reality”

Anne Frank 15.07.44

“Hey Deja did you hear about what happened to that black boy last week?” I turned my head to look at Claire. My stomach churned as I registered what she was talking about. Last Saturday a young black boy named Jerome Johnson was shot by a white police officer for having a TOY  gun.  He was shot twice hitting the boy once in the torso, Jerome was  12, 4 years  younger than me. Claire grinned menacingly at me, “You blacks  need  to learn how to act, maybe  then you N*ggers wouldn’t get shot as much.” she said  with  a large smirk  on  her face. “What did you say?” I shouted in response. Claire rolled her eyes  “I said, you n*ggers wouldn’t get shot as much if you learnt  how to act!” I was angry, hella angry, by now most of the class was watching. I Lunged for Claire and dragged her by her hair, I punched her in the face right on her nose which immediately started bleeding. Claire screamed out in pain but I didn’t stop. I punched and kicked her until we were pulled apart by our teacher. Despite how hard my momma argued with the principal, 1 ended up gettin’ suspended. Thank God my momma wasn’t mad at me. She cussed out Claire and her parents when we were driving home. My big brother Treyvon was at home on the couch, he gave me a hug as soon as I came  in.” Deja you  idiot,  I can’t believe you  did that.” he said to please momma, but once she left the room he snuck me a bar of chocolate and winked at me. Normally momma would ground me if i got suspended but she let me off this time. That night  when Daddy got home he  asked  me to go to the convenience  store and grab a bottle of milk. I put on a  plain black hoodie and matchin’ black leggings.  Big mags owns the store down the road so she let me get a discount and a free pack of bubble-gum. I was skipping home listening  to music on my  iPod, when  I heard sirens and shouting. I turned around to see two cops both aiming their guns at me. “PUT YOUR HANDS UP, AND DROP YOUR WEAPON!”  the cop screamed  at me. But I was unarmed, I ain’t done nothin’ wrong, they can’t shoot me for no reason. I reached to turn off my iPod so 1 could hear them better. “HE’S GOT A GUN!” Weapon? He? What does he mean? I ain’t got a weapon, I’m not a boy! “Please officer, I’m unarmed!” I screamed, tears were streaming down my face. But he ain’t listen to me. The cop fired his gun, five bullets. I dropped to the ground in pain, the sound of ringing in my ears, the world began to fade. “Why?” was the last thing I said as the world faded to black.


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